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Friends 2
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More Friends!

Put your cursor over the pics for the details!
At the Poison concert 2002
Nikki & Crystal
My girl....
Kevin & Ponch 2001
Mikey Vee & brother Derek
Me & Crystal at the Poison show

Cheryl & Nikki

Brad & Cheryl
Oh My!
Larry the Legend & us at by Dea
Click for the Killingbird site!

Christian (front & center) and his band KILLINGBIRD - Click pic for their site!

Click for Bill's Band site!

Billy May of The Electric Magic Sideshow from New York City - Click the pic for his site!

Electric Magic Sideshow

Electric Magic Sideshow

Billy May & Me
Ponch & Crystal

Buzz Factor

The boys from Buzz Factor - Click pic for their site!

Dirty & Monster Magnet
Here's my friend 'Dirty' with the drunken dude from Monster Magnet