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Here you'll find pics of the most important people in my & friends. Don't see yourself? Are you my friend? Email me a pic at  and I'll put it up!

Me & Steve Seppala at graduation 1986

Ponch, Crystal, Mikey!
Steve Seppala & Myself at Kiss tribute show
Ponch & Mikey VEE!
Adam & Jen
Adam & Jen
Keri & Steve Seppala- Love you guys!
Nikki & Me!
Mikey Vee & Logan
Mikey Vee & Ponch Summer 2001
Ponch & Rob Zombie!

Ponch & Rob Zombie....note Rob holding up his new Limited Edition personalized Road Head hat!

Ponch with Rob Zombie's guitarist Blasko

Mikey Vee and Rob Zombie!
Ponch with Road Head drummer Chuck


New 'friend' I met at the Milwaukee Rob Zombie show

Jason & Ponch Halloween 2001
Ponch & Friends from 45PSI
Sooga (45 PSI), Ponch, Tim Prisk, Carlos (45PSI)

Brad Linton