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Ted Nugent - CRAVEMAN

Ted's new album set for release in September!

The Great Spirit roars on in that not so quiet American night my friends & like BrotherWolf, my subterranean R&B throttletorque infested Gibson Byrdland glows & growls life anew! The road less humped calls my feedbacking name nonstop as if the mystical garageband door has once again been slammed down hard on the ballz of our firebreathing PunkNuge ultragreazyass rock-n-roll MotorCity MuscleCar orgy, & all is well at the Rosa Parks Soul of Man attitude celebration BBQ campfire. Defiance is dancing raw & naked as we laugh ferociously in the face of average everything. Our inexhaustible quest for sonic bombastardized rhythm perfection fuels the American Dream as if it has never missed a beat, and the good, bad & ugly continue to inspire us no end. A gargantuan BloodBrother salute penetrates & suckerpunches the stormcloud thunderclap & we giddyup the lightning home like the pissed off Crazy Horse stallions we are. Let the BigDogs run. Kill it & grill it. God, Guns & Rock-n-Roll. I am gunpowderboy, Craveman, Thundergod of attitude. As close to heaven as she gets. Almost pussy. Profile me.  - His Tedness
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