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It's been a while since there's been a news update so here goes. Road Head had another great weekend at the WHUH Bar in Norway, Michigan this week and we can't thank Carrie & the crew there enough for taking care of us and allowing us to play. We can't wait to get back there. Hotties dancing on the bar, cold beverages, and rock & roll..can't beat it. Click the Road Head internet flyer page on this site to keep up on our latest appearances. All the details will be found there. Our band is stronger than ever and we couldn't be happier. In the coming weeks we're going to start writing some original music so stay tuned!

Another great weekend and maybe the finest Road Head gig to date are in the books. Thanks to everyone at the WHUH Bar in Norway and the rock & roll party animals that came out Friday night to see us. Thanks to Levi for taking photos of the evening...*do I even wanna see them?*  We had a blast and were happy to have 'Community Service' play with us. Girls dancing on the bar, bright red pants, bright blue hair and loud rock & roll...what more can you ask for on a Friday night in the middle of the Upper Penninsula of Michigan? Nothing my was a great night and also had a few with our friends in Buzz Factor, Uncle Ugly, & Vader's Mistress Saturday night to round out the weekend.

Not much going on except for band news. We have a new drummer in the band. His name is Adam Seckinger and he rocks. There's a lot of talk about why Chuck, who will forever be my brother from another mother, is no longer with us, how it was handled etc, but the bottom line is we've never been through this before and we're just some aging rock fans who want to play some music. Everyone decides what's best for them and what happens in a little U.P. rock band doesn't amount to a hill of shit. What does matter is friendship and family and that's all that will ever matter to me. If people choose to get their knickers in a twist, I can't control that. Life's too short for me to waste time and energy on that kind of stuff. I love my band and I'll do whatever it takes to make us better.

Went to see Journey tonight. Had a great time hanging out with my lovely girl, Danzo & Christy...not to mention seeing Kevin 'chewie' Pigpig for a fun time at a couple bars in Escanaba. What can i say about Journey.....Of all the hits and all the great songs that band has recorded.....they did several of them....

Had a long weekend of concerts and plenty of partying. Friday night, checked out Rob Zombie at Ryan's Ballroom in Combined Locks, Wisconsin. Even without the costumes, monsters, and dancing girls, it's no wonder Rob is my 2nd all time on my favorite concert list. Saturday, we had a blast at the grand opening of the 'Whuh' bar in Norway, Mi. Nikki & company did a lot of hard work and put on a great party. I even played a song with my buds in Asylum *thanks guys!* - Think it was a Poison song. Speaking of Poison, we saw them with Cinderella & Faster Pussycat Monday night 8.12.  I've seen Poison on every tour since 1987, every tour and these guys have not lost a step. They may not be on top of the world these days and their albums may not be flying off the shelves, but Poison never fails to satisfy on the concert stage. Cinderella is one of the best in the business and Faster Pussycat still blows me away, even though they look like Marilyn had sex with Adolph Hitler and had a quintuplets. We were front row center for the show. It pays to hang out with the right women at a show. It was definitely my most memorable Poison show of them all due in no small part to the company I was with. Thanks guys! Road Head practice tonight....can't wait til we're good so I can say we have 'rehearsal' tonight.

Gonna try to keep you updated on the boring and less than thrilling details of my life. I went to see 'Signs' with Mel Gibson today. Not a bad flick, a little slow and a good story. Give it a B- . Austin Powers in 'Goldmember' is the best movie in theatres right now. We're still trying to hammer out the details of our Road Head / Electric Magic Sideshow / 45 PSI show for November, I'll put up the details as soon as they're available. All I know right now is the tentative date - 11.02.02 .  Don't know when the next Road Head gig is either, but hopefully it will be soon. There's an interview up at Crystal's homepage that she did with me, you can view that HERE. Friday 8.9.02 I'm seeing Rob Zombie in Green Bay, WI and Monday the 12th I'm seeing POISON I'll have a full report on the shows next week. That's about it for now.