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Evidence of a misspent favorite TV shows of all time. Click any show for episode guides, official sites and all around cool stuff.

Zebra 3!
Click for a kickass S&H page!
Ponch rocks......
Visit Ponch & John on line!
Happy 25th anniversary, angels!
Click for a great Angels site!
I pity the fool.........
Come on, Get Happy!
oo! oo! Click for complete Kotter episode guide
Click for a cool dukes site!
Coo Coo! Click Daisy for a cool Dukes site
More than a
Click for more info!
Click for more.....
Click for some fun stuff!
Great 70s for official site
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Click for a cool site on one of my favorite shows!
Click for info on Electra Woman and Dyna Girl!
Little Buddy!  Click for the fan club

DYN-O-MITE! Click for more info on Good Times

Cylons, Starbuck and more! click!
Click for the official site
Click for complete episode guide, sounds etc

Click for info on the boxed set

Family - 1976-1980  Click pic below for more info...
Give me a break.....Kristy was hot...

More to Come....Stay Tuned........